netzkontor, Flensburg (Germany)

Services for the telecommunications sector

Key facts at a glance

  • Leveraging increasing demand for faster internet connections
  • Regional expansion, extension of the services offered and diversification of the customer base
  • Expertise and capacity expansion through seven company acquisitions to date

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January 2018

As of 31 December 2022



The netzkontor group bundles various services for the telecommunications industry under its umbrella. The origin of the group lies in netzkontor nord, founded in 2008, which offers planning and monitoring of the construction of fibre optic networks, and its subsidiary OpenXS, which provides network management services based on long-term contracts with fibre optic network operators. The Group pursues a buy-and-build strategy and, with NKG Fiberservice, was able to expand its service offering into the areas of installation and fault clearance services, particularly at network level 4 (in buildings). In both the planning and installation areas, activities have been strengthened through further acquisitions in recent years.

We want to support the company in its further development using the expertise that DBAG has gained from its current investments in this sector.

Ragnar Geerdts
Managing Director


add-on acquisitions executed during holing period

Potential for development

The demand for fast internet connections by private households and companies is increasing and the expansion of broadband in Germany is also picking up speed. Currently, only just over 20 percent of households enjoy a particularly powerful broadband connection via fibre optics, and the active use of fibre optics is even lower, at just under seven percent of all households (as of 2021, source: Federal Network Agency). In neighbouring European countries, both fibre optic expansion and usage are many times higher. In this favourable market environment, the netzkontor Group benefits from its good reputation as a reliable quality provider and from its expertise in project management. Turnover is also expected to grow at a double-digit rate in the coming years. The regional expansion of the company as well as the further strengthening of the installation and fault clearance segment are to be driven forward by company acquisitions.


Ragnar Geerdts
Ragnar Geerdts
Ragnar Geerdts
+49 69 95787-172

Ragnar Geerdts

Managing Director

Ragnar Geerdts joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 2012 and became a Managing Director in 2017.

Ragnar Geerdts has over eleven years of experience in private equity. He has extensive knowledge of the automotive supplier and telecommunications industries and in mechanical and plant engineering. He was involved in numerous investments and disinvestments and led the investment process in in-tech, vitronet, netzkontor, von Poll Immobilien, BTV Multimedia, Solvares, DING and DGA. In these companies he sits on the advisory councils. Before joining Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Ragnar Geerdts worked in the area of M&A at Bayer AG and at Deutsche Post AG.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Freie Universität Berlin, and also studied at the Beijing Foreign Studies University.