Financial Reports

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Quarterly Statement at 31 December 2017Download (PDF 0,28 MB)
Annual Report 2016/2017Download (PDF 4,41 MB)Online Annual Report
Separate Financial Statements 2016/2017 *Download (PDF 1,21 MB)
Quarterly Statement at 30 June 2017Download (PDF 0,26 MB)
Half-yearly Financial Report at 31 March 2017Download (PDF 0,31 MB)
Quarterly Statement at 31 December 2016Download (PDF 1,19 MB)

Presentations current financial year

Presentations from previous financial years can be found in the archive

Analysts' presentation of the quarterly statement at 31 December 2017, Frankfurt am Main
Family Office Capital Day, Vienna *
"TRENDS IN THE GERMAN BUYOUT MARKET" (Press conference 2018, Frankfurt am Main)
Investors' conference (Oddo BHF Bank), Lyon
Investors' conference (German Equity Forum), Frankfurt am Main
Analysts' conference on financial year 2016/2017, Frankfurt am Main

* Available in German only