Solvares, Heikendorf (Germany)

Real time scheduling and route optimisation software


The Solvares Group develops and distributes software with which companies plan, control and optimize their transport logistics and field service, maintenance and distribution. Solvares' customers include leading brands from the retail, energy supply, mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, building materials trade, finance and insurance industries as well as real estate management. The technological core and competitive advantage for customers are the highly developed algorithms that enable efficient scheduling of appointments, tours, orders and assignments. Solvares' best-of-breed solutions thus ensure intelligent optimization of resources along the entire value chain. Customers benefit from optimal utilization, cost savings and significantly improved service quality.

The market for optimization software in logistics and field service management is growing at significant double-digit rates. Solvares Group differentiates itself through its service offering, which is particularly tailored to the requirements of rapidly changing business environments and increasing customer expectations for ordering and delivery processes.

Solvares Group was formed in 2018 with the acquisition of FLS GmbH. Expansion with impactit GmbH of Vienna, Städtler Logistik GmbH of Nuremberg and Opheo Solutions GmbH of Hamburg in 2021 created a market leader for resource optimization in Europe. In 2022, mobileX AG from Munich was added.

Management Buyout
Majority investment of DBAG ECF III
First invested
October 2018
Revenues 2023 (preliminary)

As of 31 March 2024



Ragnar Geerdts
Ragnar Geerdts
Ragnar Geerdts
+49 69 95787-172

Ragnar Geerdts

Managing Director

Ragnar Geerdts joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 2012 and became a Managing Director in 2017.

Ragnar Geerdts has over 12 years of experience in private equity. He has extensive knowledge of the automotive supplier and telecommunications industries and in mechanical and plant engineering. He was involved in numerous investments and disinvestments and led the investment process in in-tech, vitronet, netzkontor, von Poll Immobilien, BTV Multimedia, Solvares, DING and DGA. In these companies he sits on the advisory councils. Before joining Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Ragnar Geerdts worked in the area of M&A at Bayer AG and at Deutsche Post AG.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Freie Universität Berlin, and also studied at the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

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