Sero, Rohrbach (Germany)

Development and manufacturing service provider for electronic components


Sero is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider. The company focuses on co-engineering, assembly, calibration and testing of electronic components for industrial, medical and automotive applications. Electronic components manufactured by the group are used in charging columns, heat meters, heart monitoring devices, photovoltaic inverters and e-bike motors, among others. Sero's major customers include various blue-chip industrial companies.

The company is headquartered in Rohrbach and has additional production facilities in Slovakia and the USA. The group employs approximately 750 people.

Management Buyout
Majority investment of DBAG Fund VII
First invested
November 2018
Revenues 2023 (preliminary)

As of 31 March 2024



Volker Bonsels
Volker Bonsels
Volker Bonsels
+49 69 95787-152

Volker Bonsels

Managing Director

Volker Bonsels joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 1995 and became a Managing Director in 2001.

He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Technology, Kaiserslautern, and also studied at the University of Warwick. He started his professional career as a trainee in corporate banking at Deutsche Bank.

Volker Bonsels has 28 years of experience in private equity. He was, and is, a member of the advisory councils at those portfolio companies in which DBAG invested under his lead capacity. He has extensive expertise in a variety of sectors, including building components, industrial services and mechanical and plant engineering. Among the most successful transactions he led are Coperion, Lewa and Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik.

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Cartonplast Braun Connectivity Solutions Sero

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