operasan, Büren (Germany)

Nephrology and dialysis


operasan treats patients in nephrology (kidney medicine) including dialysis. This is done in cooperation with physicians in private practice and in the company's own medical care centers. The aim is to provide high-quality patient care as close as possible to the patient, ideally in the patient's home environment or in the nursing home providing care.

The aim of operasan is to establish a sustainable structure for the promotion and implementation of home dialysis. operasan assumes responsibility for dialysis vis-à-vis patients, health insurance companies and the associations of panel doctors. It relieves the cooperating physicians of all organizational and administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on their medical work. All home dialysis procedures are taken into account, hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis. The care of patients in their home environment is just as much in the foreground of the work as the care in specially qualified facilities for inpatient care and care for the elderly.

What is needed is a tightly knit and efficiently organized network of medical facilities, hospitals, outpatient and inpatient care facilities, health insurance companies and associations of panel doctors, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the supplying industry. 

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January 2021
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Lucas Herbert
Lucas Herbert
Lucas Herbert
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Lucas Herbert

Managing Director

Lucas Herbert joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 2007 and became a Managing Director in 2015.

Lucas Herbert has 17 years of experience in the private equity sector. During this time, he has gained extensive knowledge, particularly in the IT services/software, mechanical and plant engineering and healthcare sectors. Lucas Herbert has been involved in a large number of corporate investments and disposals. These include Romaco, Spheros, Gienanth and Silbitz. He also led the investment process in blikk, Cloudflight and operasan.

He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and also studied at the Maastricht University and the University of Newscastle, Australia.

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