Kraft & Bauer, Holzgerlingen (Germany)

Fire extinguishing systems for machine tools


Kraft & Bauer develops, produces and installs fire extinguishing systems for around 800 different types of tooling machines. The focus is on extinguishing systems controlled by microprocessors that detect fires and initiate the extinguishing process using sensors. The fire extinguishing systems are either installed directly into the machine by Kraft & Bauer employees or are sold as a kit to the machine manufacturer.

In addition to its headquarters in Holzgerlingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), Kraft & Bauer operates a site in Bannwil (Switzerland) and 13 other service locations in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Kraft & Bauer’s systems are used in machines that show an increased fire risk, such as millers, lathes and grinders that work with particularly high levels of precision and speed. Demand for these high-performance machines – and, as a result, for corresponding fire extinguishing systems – is rising. In addition, Kraft & Bauer benefits from a steadily growing service business with a broad installed base of more than 30,000 systems in Germany alone. The fire extinguishing systems must be regularly inspected and maintained.

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November 2018
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Malte Hinz
Malte Hinz
Malte Hinz
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Malte Hinz

Managing Director

Malte Hinz joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 2013 and became a Managing Director in 2019.

Malte Hinz has eleven years of experience in the private equity sector. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, and also studied at the University of Leeds.

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