Two for one

Two for one

Company Magazine and Group Financial Report replace the previous annual report

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is taking a new, contemporary approach to communicating with its business partners, shareholders, investors and all other parties who are interested in DBAG. Two for one – we have replaced the previous annual report with a Company Magazine and a Group Financial Report. Both documents have been available for download on the website since the figures were published on 30 November 2020, and therefore a mere 61 days since the end of the financial year. Printed copies will be available from mid-January.

Solutions for successful entrepreneurship are reported on in the Company Magazine under the motto of “Building on experience. Exploring new paths.” The magazine informs its readers about DBAG’s offers – a variety of equity solutions for mid-market companies in Germany and neighbouring European countries. Two case studies illustrate the path taken by companies in which DBAG and the DBAG Funds invest: for example, when it comes to the dynamic field of broadband telecommunications, it is mostly all about moving into regional markets at a fast pace. This cannot be achieved through organic growth alone. The financing power that the DBAG funds offer has enabled the two portfolio companies – DING and vitronet – to put up sufficient capital to finance further company acquisitions. The manner in which this facilitates growth is described in the magazine. The second example is Cartonplast. The company operates an environmentally-friendly, sustainable business model: Cartonplast primarily rents out reusable and recyclable plastic liners, which are used in the transportation of glass bottles and containers for food and beverages – thus providing hygienically safe, efficient and cost-effective transport. The company’s management has drawn up a clear plan for the coming years: to sustain growth by expanding the existing business, broadening the product range and continuing to serve its client base in France and Brazil. The investments made by DBAG and DBAG Fund VII ensure the company has the necessary capitalisation.

The magazine also reports on DBAG’s successes in the 2019/2020 financial year and presents the new investments in the portfolio. It also answers the question as to what advantages DBAG’s stock exchange listing offers current and future portfolio companies. DBAG’s Chief Financial Officer, Susanne Zeidler, discusses with Dr Michael Lang and Oliver Diehl (Landesbank Hessen Thüringen and Jefferies International) the structural advantages of an investment company as regards stability and security, and why it is important not to ignore ‘green’ and social topics during the crisis. Two of DBAG’s Managing Directors explain the investment criteria for Long-Term Investments. And in dialogue with Dr Matthias Fifka, Professor for Business Administration, Torsten Grede, Spokesman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, talks about the sustainability of the push towards digitalisation in mid-sized enterprises. The men exchange views about the importance of communication for successful change management and even conduct a mental experiment.

The Company Magazine presents concise and clear information about the 2019/2020 financial year. The combined management report, the consolidated financial statements and other reports, such as the Supervisory Board’s report and the Board of Management’s letter to shareholders, are bundled in the Group Financial Report. In doing so, all the information that is aimed in particular at shareholders and capital market participants is summarised in a single document.