Team expanded: Christoph Großekämper new in the investment team

Team expanded: Christoph Großekämper new in the investment team

Personal details
Name: Christoph Großekämper
Age: 39
Residence: Frankfurt/Main, Hesse
Marital status: married, 3 children
Free time: playing tennis and exploring the woods

When did you start your job?

I joined the DBAG team as a Managing Director (Deal Captain) on 1 July 2020.

How would you describe your role at DBAG?

I look for attractive companies that are a good investment fit for DBAG. In addition to our traditional Fund Services business, DBAG also undertakes its own structuring of minority and majority investments that are financed from DBAG’s own balance sheet. This involves long-term investments that do not fit into the investment strategy of the funds advised by DBAG. These include minority stakes in family businesses, but also majority stakes in companies in special situations, for example companies with an operational need for action. Since joining in the summer of 2020, I have focused on such investment opportunities.

A major part of my work involves the search for and selection of potential transaction opportunities, and the development of a sustainable value enhancement programme in order to develop a realistic and successful investment case. The question must always be whether a company is fundamentally sound and offers sufficient potential. We want to use our expertise and network in order to tap into this potential. In doing so, the focus is on making operational improvements and implementing them together with the management team. We see ourselves as a solution provider for mid-sized companies and corporate spin-offs, providing them with the necessary experience, resources and entrepreneurial mindset to unlock sustainable value.

Prior to DBAG, what was your experience in investment activity?

I gained a lot of experience in investment activity while working as Head of M&A for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Mutares AG. As at DBAG, Mutares gave me the opportunity to embrace entrepreneurship and play an active role in shaping it. My time at Deutsche Bank, Roland Berger and AlixPartners provided me with the necessary tools for success. It gave me the opportunity to gain an insight into all the stakeholders involved in a transaction, both at the buyer and seller level. It also enabled me to build up a very well-rounded profile alongside my industry expertise, and develop a deep understanding of restructuring, transformation, strategy and M&A.

Which industries and sectors are you particularly experienced in?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I can use the experience and thought processes I have gained in my professional career to support our portfolio companies in their development. In future, it is going to be essential for us to position ourselves as a solution provider and to understand the expectations of each stakeholder involved in a transaction if we are to win the business. This is something that I have accomplished in the past, and I see great potential for DBAG to operate successfully in the market going forward. DBAG's network, reputation, teamwork and resources are unrivalled in the private equity business – what I bring to the party is a wealth of experience from the industrial goods, industrial services, and machinery and equipment sectors.

What made you decide to work for DBAG?

DBAG has an excellent reputation throughout the private equity industry, and enjoys a well-established network. I saw these strengths as an opportunity for us to develop interesting new investment projects together. The current market situation offers a multitude of investment opportunities. I already knew some of the team prior to coming here, and during our initial discussions it very quickly became clear that we shared the same chemistry and views. For me, this is essential if we are to work together successfully and utilise our potential as a team. Teamwork and an entrepreneurial approach are very important to me.

Which areas of expertise can you offer that will be particularly helpful to DBAG?

My entrepreneurial experience brings with it an operational mindset. I believe this is a very useful skill when structuring transactions and developing business models. You have to be able to grasp business models quickly and understand your business partners. As a consultant, I had the opportunity to experience a range of industries and situations that often proved quite challenging. Now I am confident that even when dealing with complex tasks, we can make the right decision together as a team, and be even more successful as a result.