Support for the investment team Marcus Bröcker, new arrival at DBAG

Personal Details:
Name: Marcus Bröcker
Age: 43 years
Residence: Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Marital status: married, two children
Hobbies: sports (especially tennis, MTB, skiing), music, good food

When did you start your job?
I joined the DBAG team on the 1st of June last year.

How would you describe your role at DBAG?
I’m responsible for the debt financing of our existing and future portfolio companies. Specifically, this means that I’m involved more or less intensively in all material financing processes concerning investments or the reorganisation or restructuring of existing financings. I also support our Company in financing issues related to Deutsche Beteiligungs AG’s balance sheet. At present, there is a lot of movement in the financing markets – which is not least down to the current special situation.

My tasks also include communication with our financing partners, i.e. banks and debt funds. The focus here is on ensuring a trusting, in-depth dialogue, in order to strengthen relations and institutionalise them even further.

Prior to DBAG, what was your experience in the PE sector?
For example, I worked for eleven years in acquisition financing at UniCredit, where I built up the respective capital markets business in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region. Back then, my focus was mostly on large cap transactions. During my subsequent activity as a debt advisor at Rothschild & Co. I often worked with financial investors in the infrastructure area.

Which industries and sectors are you particularly experienced in?
In my professional career I have covered a wide range of sectors and situations. This way I have gained extensive experience, which I can now use in my role at DBAG to optimise financing solutions – be it for acquisition financings for DBAG, in infrastructure-related areas or, if required, in tough discussions with financiers, for example, of portfolio companies that are currently suffering more from the coronavirus pandemic.

What made you decide to work for DBAG?
Well, I have not yet seen an investor of comparable size with such a broad spectrum of exposures (and accordingly, range of tasks) in the German-speaking countries – I immediately thought this was a very tempting opportunity. In the traditional financing business for the existing funds, DBAG is operating in very different industries, and at the same time we are growing our business with investments purely from the Company’s own balance sheet. Due to our considerable expertise both on the financing side and on the advisory side, taking an investor's perspective also offers diverse and exciting opportunities to further enhance our own capabilities.

Which areas of expertise can you offer that will be particularly helpful to DBAG?
I have a large network of contacts and a lot of ideas, especially in the sectors that are less typical for DBAG (e.g. infrastructure-related investments). What’s more, my deep understanding of the internal views of financiers will help us to sustainably establish even more efficient financing solutions for our portfolio companies.