“Put Russia business comprehensively on review”

One percent of total turnover / DBAG supports PE industry fundraising campaign

We are appalled about the war in Ukraine, which is costing many lives and creating untold suffering for millions of people. The attack on the country is in clear violation of international law, and in stark contradiction to what distinguishes us as a free society. Against the background of these extraordinary developments, we cannot remain uninvolved observers of political events. We stand up for the fundamental values of prohibiting wars of aggression and upholding human rights.

It is our conviction that a continuation of the status quo appears inconceivable. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG therefore will recommend that its portfolio companies conduct a comprehensive review of their individual business activities in and with Russia. This decision is not least in line with our commitment to take the principles of sustainable action into account in our business policy.

Two of the 36 portfolio companies generate about five percent of their turnover with customers in Russia. The portfolio companies in all had planned for around one per cent of their turnover in Russia in 2022.

DBAG’s staff members and DBAG itself endorse the initiative undertaken by European national private equity and venture capital associations, and will be supporting the International Red Cross in its work in Ukraine.