Investors' Darling: Deutsche Beteiligungs AG with consistently good capital market communication

Investors' Darling: Deutsche Beteiligungs AG with consistently good capital market communication

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) can count itself among the best companies in Germany when it comes to capital market communication. In an evaluation of the Investors' Darling competition, which has been held annually since 2014, she emerged as the overall winner in an analysis of investor relations quality. In the analysis, the IR presentations for the full year and the fact book as well as digital communication, i.e. the IR website and - if available - the online annual report, were analysed. In addition to technical features, the main focus was on management, financials, non-financials and prospects.

Behind the competition are the business publication manager magazin and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. The analysis of the multi-year evaluation was published today on the manager magazin website (in German only).

Investors' Darling annually examines the 160 companies of the German selection indices Dax, M-Dax and S-Dax with regard to their capital market communication. All companies are analysed in detail by a team from the chair with regard to their performance in the areas of reporting, investor relations and capital markets. The results are evaluated by a jury and the companies with the best capital market communication are selected.

In the current multi-year evaluation, DBAG's score of 70.1 out of a possible 100 points was 18.5 points above the overall average and even 11.1 points above the average score of the Dax companies. In the past six years of the competition, DBAG has always placed among the top ten. Professor Henning Zülch, who has accompanied the evaluation from the very beginning, emphasised in his contribution that DBAG is distinguished above all by its consistently high performance in the areas of IR Presentation and Digital Communication.

"We are pleased that our continued efforts to ensure transparent, timely and comprehensive communication via various channels with investors, analysts and individual private shareholders have once again been recognised," commented Susanne Zeidler, CFO of DBAG today on the publication of the study.