DBAG makes an endowment to Franziskustreff Foundation

Breakfast and social counselling for the homeless and other people in need

Each year in February, around 400 shareholders come to DBAG’s Annual General Meeting at the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in Frankfurt/Main, where we also serve them drinks and snacks. In 2021, no expenses were incurred for this. Thus, we were happy to take up the suggestion of one of our shareholders to support a charitable institution instead.

A few days prior to the AGM, Chief Financial Officer Susanne Zeidler symbolically handed over an endowment of 10,000 euros to Brother Paulus, head of the Franziskustreff Foundation in Frankfurt/Main.

Located at the heart of Frankfurt’s city centre – just a few minutes’ walk away from our offices – the “Franziskustreff” is a refuge which homeless and other people in need can visit every day: they are treated as guests, with volunteers serving them a sit-down breakfast. A professional offers social counselling to guests, to help them on their way back into society, to find work and housing.

Brother Paulus accepted the grant from Deutsche Beteiligungs AG on behalf of the Franziskustreff foundation. He will use the endowment to bolster the foundation’s assets – to make sure that Franziskustreff can continue to help people in need in the future.

The foundation runs an informative website which provides further information of its charitable work.