DBAG Executive Circle: Digitalisation expert Daniel Krauss

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) relies on experience - both within the company and in its network: the 35 professionals in DBAG's Investment Advisory Team have more than 250 years of cumulative experience in the investment business and extensive proficiency in the key sectors of the German Mittelstand. To further leverage this expertise, DBAG relies on a broad network of industry experts who support with their experience - including Daniel Krauss, founder and CIO of Flix SE.

The core of this network is the so-called "Executive Circle". The members of DBAG's Executive Circle are involved in identifying potential investments and initiating them. They help the team to assess the development of certain sectors or support them in the run-up to an investment with a particularly detailed and careful examination. The Investment Advisory Team also draws on the expertise of the Executive Circle during the strategic repositioning of portfolio companies.

Daniel Krauss has been a part of DBAG’s Executive Circle since 2019, helping to analyse opportunities with regard to promising investments and supporting the further development of portfolio companies. To this end, he draws on almost two decades of wide-ranging experience. This experience stems from advisory board roles, for example in the DBAG portfolio company Cloudflight, as well as from key strategic positions in various companies. These diverse roles have one thing in common and emphasise Krauss' clear focus: they all come from the IT services and software sector, which is characterised by structural growth.

Daniel Krauss started his own entrepreneurial career back in 2011 - with the founding of Flix SE (formerly Flixmobility GmbH). The company is a global mobility provider that is active in more than 40 countries. He has regularly invested personally in companies in the technology sector. He also has a wide range of skills to drive the growth of companies in a targeted manner. To this end, Daniel Krauss build upon a wealth of experience that enables him not only to implement value-creating technologies along growth processes, but also to lead the associated cultural change within the organisation. Krauss utilises all of this knowledge within Flix SE, for which he is responsible for the areas of technology, personnel development and customer service, as well as in his role as a member of the advisory board. As such, and as a Senior Advisor, Daniel Krauss supports DBAG with regard to new investment opportunities, focussing on strategic market development. He also advises the management of portfolio companies on the definition of business plan targets and their implementation.