Börsenradio Interview with Susanne Zeidler (H1 2019/2020)

Börsenradio Interview with Susanne Zeidler (H1 2019/2020)

"Are broadly based and have created the opportunity for long-term investment!" 

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is also feeling the consequences of the Corona crisis. On the day the half-year figures were published, Chief Financial Officer Susanne Zeidler had to state: "We were surprised by the force and severity of the crisis. But the broad positioning of the portfolio and the early focus on broadband/telecommunications have paid off in the crisis." The opportunities outweigh the risks, which is why DBAG now has at least a cautious forecast. It is only with regard to dividends that DBAG cannot make a forecast.  However, the company is broadly positioned and has created the opportunity to invest for the longer term.

You can listen to the full interview using the embedded player below. The interview is available in German only.

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