Analysts see strong potential in DBAG shares

“Strong set of Q2 figures”, “[…] the figures from the first half-year are convincing”, are just some of the statements made by analysts regarding the half-year results of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG on the occasion of its publication in May 2023. In particular, the growth of the net asset value as well as the realised disposals in the first half of financial year 2022/2023 have led to the analysts' assessments.

“DBAG's portfolio is currently valued at 1.1 times acquisition cost, which compared to historically achieved multiples of >2.0x [...] indicates further upside potential,” said Marie-Therèse Grübner of Hauck & Aufhäuser.

The net asset value grew by fourteen per cent to 646.5 million euros in the first six months of the current financial year. This pleasing increase was driven by the operating performance of the 36 companies in DBAG's portfolio at the time of publication of the half-yearly financial report, the performance of peer companies on the capital market and successful disposals. And the Fund Investment Services also developed pleasingly. As a result, earnings before taxes for the half-year under review increased as planned to 7.2 million euros, compared to 5.8 million euros in the same period of the previous year. This means that more than half of the targeted annual result of 13 to 15 million euros has already been achieved. The Private Equity Investments segment achieved a significantly higher pre-tax result of 75.7 million euros compared to the previous year. Net income for the first half of the 2022/2023 financial year totalled 82.6 million euros (-35.8 million euros in the same period of the previous year).

The analysts' assessments are always a look into the future and are based upon the potential of DBAG's portfolio, which mainly consists of companies active in the Industry and IndustryTech, Industrial Services, Broadband Telecommunications, Healthcare and IT Services and Software sectors. The majority of these are based in Germany, with additional holdings in neighbouring European countries. And these have developed positively and confirm the “Buy” rating, states Cansu Tatar, from Warburg Research.

In addition to the positive development of the net asset value, four investments were successfully sold and a further one was agreed, whereby “DBAG was able to realise significant inflows”, Milosz Papst and Michael Mordel from Edison Research are saying about the disposals. Due to the resulting liquidity situation, SRC Research’s Stephan Scharff sees “the company in a good position to continue to react quickly to lucrative opportunities on the acquisition side as well”.


Bank/Research house



Target price

24 May 2023

Edison Research

Milosz Papst

For regulatory reasons, Edison publishes neither a valuation nor a price target

n.a. €

17 May 2023

Warburg Research GmbH

Cansu Tatar


49.00 €

12 May 2023

Baader Helvea Equity Research

Gerhard Schwarz


41.90 €

12 May 2023

Hauck Aufhäuser Investment Banking

Marie-Therese Grübner


44.40 €

12 May 2023

SRC Research GmbH

Stefan Scharff / Christopher Mehl


41.00 €

11 May 2023

Kepler Cheuvreux

Sven Sauer


38.00 €

11 May 2023

Jefferies International Limited

Tom Mills


36.00 €

Research reports are generally aimed at professional investors and are therefore not available to the public. Legal restrictions mean that only Warburg Research and Edison Research reports are available to download from the DBAG website. It shows a regularly updated table of analyst recommendations and target prices.

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