The Benefits of Private Equity

Private equity enables companies to better exploit their potential. With the capital that private equity firms and their funds provide, they can drive their development and remain independent. In addition, private equity firms generally bring their expertise and excellent contacts to the portfolio companies, which they can employ to their advantage. That enables growth and strengthens a company’s innovative capacity and competitiveness.
Comparisons with listed or family-run companies show that businesses financed by private equity exhibit stronger growth, pursue a more targeted strategy and have a better financing structure. Not least, they secure existing jobs and create new ones through their growth.

The Benefits of working with DBAG

  1. Strength

    Assets under management or advisory by DBAG total some 2.3 billion euros. 
  2. Continuity

    DBAG is one of the pioneers in the private equity business. It has been investing for more than 50 years in German Mittelstand companies.
  3. Experience

    The investment team of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG boasts more than 250 years of combined experience in private equity. A staff of round 80 bring their broad knowledge and passion for team-centred interaction to the Company.
  4. Transparency

    DBAG is one of the few listed private equity companies. For decades, it has been committed to the highest transparency standards found on the German capital market.
  5. Responsibility

    Our equity investments provide maximum flexibility and our financing practice is sound. It considers cyclical trends and is tuned to the particularities of the sectors in which we invest.

Capital-to-assets ratio


assets under management or advisory by DBAG Group


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since 1985

Our public listing makes us unique in the competitive field

> 80

employees combine longstanding sector knowledge