“Private equity veteran and entrepreneur” Antonio Corbani: part of the DBAG network

“Private equity veteran and entrepreneur” Antonio Corbani: part of the DBAG network


The members of the DBAG investment team are supported by an extensive network of industry experts. An Executive Circle is at the core of this network. Members of the Executive Circle are involved in identifying and initiating potential investments. They help the team to assess the development of specific sectors, or assist it in a particularly comprehensive due diligence process prior to making an investment. The investment team also relies on the expertise of the DBAG network during the strategic repositioning of portfolio companies.

Antonio Corbani (born 1960) has supported DBAG in recent years in examining opportunities for promising investments in Northern Italy and preparing the market entry. With 26 years of investment experience in the Italian private equity market, this fully explains why he sees himself as a private equity veteran and entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur his activities have centred around his own private equity company that acquired and developed SMEs in Italy, where he regularly invested personally in industrial companies. In addition to his ability to structure and negotiate transactions, Antonio has a wealth of experience in managing companies from private equity portfolios. This experience involves taking different investment approaches (growth, repositioning, restructuring), and extends across different economic cycles.

As a Senior Advisor (Italy) for DBAG, he now supports the strategy of processing the market for new investment opportunities on the one hand, and the management teams in portfolio companies in determining and implementing business plan targets on the other.