DBAG Fund V acquired investments in eleven mid-market companies from 2007 to 2013. The investments were structured as management buyouts. Nine companies were headquartered in Germany, one in France and one in the Netherlands. All portfolio companies operate in the core sectors of DBAG, five of them in mechanical and plant engineering.


Company Sector Acquired Realised
ProXES Industry and industrial technology June 2013 July 2017
Formel D Industry and industrial technology May 2013 July 2017
Heytex Industry and industrial technology December 2012  
Broetje-Automation Industry and industrial technology March 2012 October 2016
Spheros  Industry and industrial technology December 2011 March 2016
Romaco Industry and industrial technology April 2011 June 2017
FDG Industrial services June 2010 March 2017
ICTS Industrial services March 2008 December 2012
Coperion Industry and industrial technology July 2007 November 2012
MCE Industrial services April 2007 October 2009
Homag Industry and industrial technology February 2007 October 2014


Key Facts DBAG Fund V

Status Investment period terminated
Start of investment period 2006
Committed capital €539mn,
thereof €105mn by DBAG



DBG Managing Partner GmbH & Co. KG, the manager of DBAG Fund V, adheres to the guidelines on “Sustainability and Responsible Investment” published on this website. When making investment decisions, it incorporates sustainability-related opportunities and risks and considers beneficial as well as detrimental impacts that such investment decisions can have on sustainability factors. Particular consideration is given to the following sustainability factors:

  • Environment: professionally managing and minimising damage to nature
  • Employment and social affairs: promoting good working conditions, high social standards as well as making a positive contribution to society
  • Corporate governance and business ethics: adherence to the highest possible standards and promoting good business practices.