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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is a listed private equity company. A DBAG share thus provides access to a portfolio of unlisted companies and, at the same time, to a successful fund advisory business.

Mid-sized companies form the backbone of the German economy. We feel committed to them. Their business models and markets are what we have been dealing with for decades.


Jürgen Fischer
Jürgen Fischer
Jürgen Fischer
+49 69 95787-322

Jürgen Fischer

Managing Director

Jürgen Fischer joined DBAG in 2011. Since then he has been Head of Fund Investor Relations.

Prior to joining DBAG, he worked at Union Investment, focusing on product management, and at Feri Trust being responsible for primary investments in private equity funds. Jürgen Fischer started his career at Landesbank Berlin working as an Analyst.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from the Philipps University, Marburg. Prior to his university education, he completed a bank apprenticeship. Jürgen is a CFA Charterholder.

Tom Alzin
Tom Alzin
Tom Alzin
Investment Business, Market Development Italy, Long-Term Investments, Organisation

Tom Alzin

Member of the Board of Management

Born in 1980, Member of the Board of Management since March 2021; appointed until end of February 2026.

Tom Alzin joined Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in 2004 and became a Managing Director in 2011. He has 17 years of experience in the private equity business.

Tom Alzin holds a degree in Business Administration from the HEC Lausanne, and also studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Alexander Jeanneaux
Alexander Jeanneaux
Alexander Jeanneaux
+49 69 95787-179

Alexander Jeanneaux


Alexander Jeanneaux joined DBAG in 2019.

He has four years of experience in private equity.

Alexander Jeanneaux holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen, and also studied at Columbia University, New York.

Lukas Noll
Lukas Noll
Lukas Noll
+49 69 95787-341

Lukas Noll

Managing Director

Lukas Noll joined DBAG in 1999 and has headed the IT department since 2014. He became a Managing Director in 2020.

Lukas Noll holds a degree in Business Informatics from AKAD University, Stuttgart. Prior to his university education, he completed an apprenticeship as an office communications clerk.

Our most valuable asset is not found on any balance sheet: creative, motivated and highly qualified people are the key to our success at Deutsche Beteiligungs AG.

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We assume responsibility for the impact our decisions have on others – now and  in the future. We align our actions and behaviour accordingly in the way we  manage our Company, and especially in the way we carry out the investment process  in (as well as the development and later disposal of) our portfolio companies.  

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Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber
+49 69 95787-270

Thomas Weber

Managing Director

Thomas Weber joined DBAG in 2014 and is Head of Business Development.

Previously, Thomas Weber served at PwC, Commerzbank and Concept Consulting, a mid-market consultancy firm. In addition to business development, he focused on human resources.

Thomas Weber holds a degree in Law from the Goethe University, Frankfurt.


Three questions for Thomas Weber

Our shareholders and the investors in DBAG funds have entrusted capital to us. They expect us to invest it in promising companies. For that reason, it is important that we have, qualitatively and quantitatively, a well-filled pipeline of attractive investment opportunities at all times. That requires an entire range of marketing activities: out of some 300 investment opportunities, transaction ideas or offers, we result four to six corporate investments each year.

Directing this process is one of my key responsibilities. My colleagues on the investment team are frequently working to full capacity on their primary assignment, the accomplishment of transactions. I therefore organise the collaboration with investment banks and M&A consultants and look for platforms for interacting with capital-seeking companies.

Beyond that, I attend to our network of industrial experts, which mostly consists of former board members and CEOs experienced in the sectors we invest in. They support our team by contributing their knowledge. This network needs to change constantly to maintain its effectiveness and I am responsible for steering that transition.

Furthermore, even a private equity company must engage in marketing. The Business Development Manager represents Deutsche Beteiligungs AG at events or fairs and communicates its investment strategy to the market. This allows me to further support DBAG’s market communication and presence.

To us, an industrial expert is someone who, thanks to his or her in-depth knowledge of the industry, backs us in preparing investment decisions and supporting portfolio companies. Industrial experts advise the investment team as it analyses potential investments and they provide support as a strategy is developed for each of the companies. In addition, seats on supervisory boards or advisory councils are often filled by industrial experts.

If you have a proven track record successfully managing a large internationally operating company in one of our relevant sectors and if working entrepreneurially remains appealing to you, then feel free to contact me.

We are known for successful investments in Mittelstand enterprises. In addition to our longstanding market presence from which we have gained extensive experience, we have a focused investment strategy and a high level of transparency. Beyond that, what sets us apart is our proven expertise in Germany’s Mittelstand across various sectors. With individual equity capital solutions ranging from 10 to 200 million euros, we offer a broad spectrum of solutions for mid-sized companies.

We consider ourselves to be strategic partners to our portfolio companies, and it is important for us that we have trusting, reliable relationships with all of a company’s stakeholders.

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