mageba, Bülach (Switzerland)

Products and services for the infrastructure and building construction sectors

Key facts at a glance

  • Growth through further internationalisation
  • Continued focus on operational improvement measures
  • Strong order backlog

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February 2016

As of 31 December 2022



mageba is a global leading supplier of structural bearings, expansion joints as well as other products and services for the infrastructure and building construction sectors. The family-run company therefore serves an attractive and growing niche market. Structural bearings ensure the load transmission between a bridge’s superstructure and its pillars; expansion joints balance out the longitudinal movements in bridges that occur through temperature variations and traffic load.

mageba has installed bearings and expansion joints in more than 20,000 constructions around the world, including some of the largest and most heavily-used bridges. Founded in 1963, mageba is considered to be a leading innovative provider in this technologically and qualitatively high-end segment of the market.

With more equity, mageba can take better advantage of the opportunities offered by market growth. We also want to help the company with the further internationalisation of its operations.

Bernd Sexauer
Managing Director


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of revenues generated outside of Europe

Potential for development

Earthquake protection is one of the business areas to be expanded in future. Many countries have set aside additional funding for projects in this area. mageba provides structural dampers for these applications that not only provide protection in the event of earthquakes, but also absorb noise and vibrations. In addition, DBAG aims to support the company’s further internationalisation, for example in North and South America and in the Middle East.


Bernd Sexauer
Bernd Sexauer
Bernd Sexauer
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Bernd Sexauer

Managing Director

Bernd Sexauer was initially with Deutsche Beteiligungs AG from 1991 to 2006 and became a Managing Director in 1998. Since his return in 2012, he has been strengthening the team at Deutsche Beteiligungs AG once more.

Prior to entering private equity practice, he earned a degree in Business Administration from Goethe University, Frankfurt. From 2006 to 2012 he was Managing Director at DZ Equity Partner and at Prolimity Capital Partners, and CEO of publicly listed Heliad Equity Partners.

Bernd Sexauer has more than 30 years of experience in the investment business and in corporate finance. As a member of supervisory boards, advisory councils and other governance bodies he has supported 'Mittelstand' companies in numerous transactions. He has a wealth of knowledge especially of the automotive supplier sector, which he was able to apply for the investment in Oechsler.

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