Frimo, Lotte (Germany)

Tools and plants for the automotive industry

Key facts at a glance

  • Diversity of models and shorter life cycles with higher quality requirements in the automotive industry as a driver for growth
  • Tense market environment due to geopolitical uncertainties and volatility in the automotive industry
  • Total output expected to be on the previous year’s level

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Investment by DBAG
DBAG's interest
Management Buyout

Majority investment of DBAG Fund VI
First invested
November 2016
The company’s accounts are drawn up in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB); in view of the business model, total output provides a better picture of the company’s business activities within a year than revenues do.

As of 31 December 2022



Frimo is one of the world’s leading providers of tools and machinery used to manufacture plastic parts for different applications, such as car dashboards, door trims and arm rests. Its customers are mainly automotive suppliers but it also delivers its products directly to automotive manufacturers. The group has a decentralised structure and is a full-service supplier of tools, machines and automated production lines. Frimo’s product portfolio covers almost the entire process chain of its customers.

As the technology required to manufacture interiors must be updated or adapted for almost every new car model due to changes in design, this means that Frimo’s business is not determined by the number of vehicles produced, but rather by the number of new car models. The company benefits from the trend towards high-quality and individually designed vehicle interiors, which allows automotive manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition. Apart from the automotive industry (~90 per cent of its revenues), Frimo also serves customers in the aviation and chemical industries.

We are investing in a promising company with development potential that, as a supplier of tools and equipment for the automotive supply industry, covers two of our core sectors.

Xueli Jin
Investment Director


per cent

of the tools and equipment required are newly purchased by automotive suppliers before the start of production of parts for a new vehicle model

Potential for development

Key drivers for the company’s further development in the coming years are further regional expansion, especially in China, the US and Mexico, as well as growing the service and spare parts business and acquiring supplementary technologies and applications. Frimo operates in a niche market and benefits from its good technology base. DBAG will support the company in doing so with its own expertise and that of the DBAG network, for example in the areas of strategy and organisation. We can rely on our in-depth knowledge of business models in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in global market structures, which has been gained from investing in more than 20 companies in this industry sector in the past 25 years, among other experience.