The members of the DBAG investment team have many years of experience in the business and in-depth knowledge of various key sectors of the German Mittelstand. They also have access to a extensive network of experts, the nucleus of which is an Executive Circle consisting of contractually associated expert partners. The members of the Executive Circle are involved in identifying and originating investment opportunities. They assist us in assessing developments in certain industries and back us – if necessary – in particularly comprehensive due diligence processes prior to our making an investment. As a financial investor in a focused-partnership role, DBAG supports the development of its portfolio companies. During that process as well, the investment team can access the expertise comprised in DBAG’s network.
Our network of experts consists of experienced industrial specialists, including partners from former investments. Its roster of members covers all sectors in which DBAG operates and expands regularly as new experts join.


Drawing from their extensive market knowledge, industrial experts assist in preparing investment decisions and supporting portfolio companies. They advise the investment team in analysing potential investments and provide support for companies’ strategic development. Moreover, the seats on our portfolio companies’ supervisory boards and advisory councils are frequently filled by one of our affiliated industrial experts.

If you have a track record of successfully managing a sizeable company with international operations in one of DBAG’s relevant sectors, and if you continue to enjoy working entrepreneurially, then please feel free to contact us.


For me, DBAG is the appropriate partner for the Mittelstand. It has the perseverance required to successfully realise entrepreneurial concepts and value-creation potential in partnership with managers and its networks in this special segment of the economy. The personal involvement and trustful interaction are, in my opinion, the platform for success: on that basis, value can be created within a company and outside resources additionally used – whether they be services providers or manufacturing companies that are technology leaders in their markets. DBAG’s promising approach combines a strategic focus and entrepreneurial competence with the sustainability of family companies.

Industrial Partner Automotive

Whether an investor is accepted and an investment successful ultimately depends on the competence, integrity and insight into the complex interrelationships present within an industry. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is an outstanding example of a knowledgeable, sustainably operating and successful investor, one with particular expertise in the automotive industry. A team of dedicated professionals and an atmosphere of openness have created a unique corporate culture at DBAG.

Senior Advisor Automotive

I experience Deutsche Beteiligungs AG as being dynamic, thoughtful and unfailingly professional, and focused on the medium to long-term success of the portfolio companies … or those that might become part of the portfolio. The qualities that best describe a partnership with the DBAG team are trust, appreciation and reliability.


Financial engineering is good – entrepreneurship is better! In my opinion, the key to the success of an investment is a symbiotic relationship between the private equity finance model and industrial entrepreneurship. And this is one of the biggest strengths of the Deutsche Beteiligungs AG: the investment team acts as entrepreneurs. The growth potential of the company is prioritised. DBAG consistently acts as an open-minded and reliable partner when it comes to the flexible and (above all) quick implementation of entrepreneurial ideas for the strategic development of portfolio companies.

Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber

Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development

Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber
+49 69 95787-270

Thomas Weber

Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development

Thomas Weber joined DBAG in 2014.

Previously, Thomas Weber served at an auditing company, a major bank and a mid-market consultancy firm. In addition to business development, he focused on human resources.

Thomas Weber earned a degree in law at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Thomas Weber

Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development

+49 69 95787-270