Oechsler cooperates with HP and BASF in the industrial mass production of 3D printed parts

Oechsler AG, a portfolio company of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), together with HP, the market leader for industrial 3D printing solutions, and the world's leading chemical company BASF, have decided to further develop the industrial mass production of 3D printed parts in the plastics sector in a cooperation.

To this end, Oechsler has installed a fleet of industrial 3D printers at its Ansbach plant in order to implement the mass production of 3D printed parts with the best possible degree of quality, speed and reliability while at the same time saving costs. Advanced materials from BASF will be used in production.

The three companies intend to work closely together along the entire value chain in the future. The focus will be on the joint development of innovative applications with market-leading customers from the automotive, household and medical appliance and other industries in order to realize the full potential of additive manufacturing with novel product designs.

"The cooperation with such renowned global players as HP and BASF is a gratifying confirmation and offers unique opportunities to further develop the field of 3D printing in the industry," commented Torsten Grede, CEO of DBAG, on the award.