Deutsche Beteiligungs AG: Spokesman of Management Board announces his departure from office

Wilken von Hodenberg to step down in 2013 / Torsten Grede named successor

Frankfurt am Main, 28 March 2012. Wilken von Hodenberg, Spokesman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), will be stepping down from his office as a member and Spokesman of the Board of Management concurrently with the conclusion of next year’s 2013 Annual Meeting. This was announced today to DBAG by Mr von Hodenberg and the Supervisory Board of DBAG. Torsten Grede will succeed von Hodenberg as the Management Board’s new Spokesman; Mr Grede has been a member of the Board of Management since January 2001.

“At the age of 59 by then, and after an intensive career over three decades at DBAG and formerly with banks and a retail chain, I have decided to slow down the pace somewhat, starting next year,” said von Hodenberg. His service contract, which was extended for another five years in 2010, provides for a possible termination after a term of three years at the earliest. “I will make use of that option now, although I plan to continue to collaborate closely with my colleagues at DBAG. But I do wish to pass on my responsibility as Spokesman of the Board of Management to the next generation,” von Hodenberg (born 1954) went on to say. “I am very pleased that the Supervisory Board will appoint my colleague of many years Torsten Grede (born 1964) as my successor”.

DBAG’s Board of Management currently consists of four members. In addition to Mr von Hodenberg and Mr Grede, the other two members are André Mangin and Dr Rolf Scheffels.  Mr von Hodenberg joined the Board of Management in July 2000. Together with his colleagues, he led the transition of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG from an investee business of Deutsche Bank with a broad investment strategy to a leading German private equity company. An integral part of that transition was building an expanded investor base for DBAG – both for the quoted company and the closed-end funds that invest parallel to DBAG.