Deutsche Beteiligungs AG increases investment in Homag

Shares acquired from family owners / Interest raised to 39.5 percent

Frankfurt am Main, 3 December 2012. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) and its advised funds announced that they have increased their interest in the Homag group to 39.5 percent. Previously, DBAG and the co-investment funds had held 33.1 percent of the shares in this listed mechanical engineering company. The addition largely stems from the purchase of a block of shares from the Wehrmann family, who had integrated their company into the Homag group in 1999 and have since been shareowners.

“By raising our stake, our intention is to support Homag’s management in developing the company,” said Wilken von Hodenberg, Spokesman of DBAG’s Board of Management, commenting on the equity share increase. “The most recent quarterly financials show that Homag is on the right track. We expect that this will also be reflected in the company’s stock market value.” With a view to the debate between DBAG and the Schuler-Klesmann shareholder pool, von Hodenberg said: “We feel confident that the differences of opinion between the two major shareowners will be resolved in time.”

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG itself will now hold a 20.1 (previously: 16.8) percent interest in Homag, with the funds now owning 19.4 (previously: 16.1) percent. The acquisition cost of the newly acquired shares averages 12.06 euros, which is nearly ten percent above the (volume-weighted) average stock market price over the past six months. DBAG has been invested in Homag since 1997 and led the company to an initial public offering in 2007. The sales proceeds from the IPO and dividends paid since then have clearly exceeded the total invested capital.