Deutsche Beteiligungs AG to invest in Oechsler AG

  • Backing for expansion of international activities
  • DBAG to contribute its extensive experience in automotive suppliers industry
  • Family owners continue to hold 80 percent

Frankfurt am Main, 10 February 2015. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) and its managed DBAG Expansion Capital Fund will acquire a 20-percent stake in Oechsler AG (OECHSLER), a leader in plastics engineering with a customer focus in the automotive suppliers industry. DBAG will hold 8.4 percent of the shares in OECHSLER, and the DBAG Expansion Capital Fund another 11.6 percent. They will be acquiring shares held by two other financial investors for more than ten years. Agreements to that effect were signed yesterday, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter 2015. DBAG and DBAG Expansion Capital Fund will invest up to 27 million euros, of which 11.3 million euros are attributable to DBAG’s share. The remaining 80-percent interest will continue to be held by the family owners.

Since 2012, DBAG has been investing alongside the DBAG Expansion Capital Fund in strongly growing businesses, with the majority ownership remaining in family hands. The investment in OECHSLER is the DBAG Expansion Capital Fund’s fourth investment.

OECHSLER (www.oechsler.com), a company with a more than 150-year history, manufactures injection-moulded precision parts and electro-mechanical components. The company serves a large customer base in various industries. It generates some 80 percent of revenues with automotive suppliers. A key product is an electronic parking brake that combines mechanical and electronic components with injection-moulded parts. OECHSLER develops, manufactures and assembles these components as well as other actuators that transform electric signals into mechanical motion for applications in the automotive industry. Other typical products are housing components for remote keys and headlight modules for cars as well as injection-moulded ceramic parts. High-tech sole elements for sports shoe manufacturers and visors for firemen’s helmets are examples of engineering products that the company delivers to other sectors (about 15 percent of revenues). The product portfolio also contains various precision components for medical devices (approximately five percent).

Now in its sixth generation of family ownership, OECHLSER has grown strongly in recent years. Group revenues doubled between 2009 and 2013, from 117 million euros to 250 million euros. OECHSLER today employs some 2,200 people at five production sites on three continents (Europe, Asia, North America); 1,290 of its staff work in Germany at its southern locations in Ansbach (headquarters) and Weissenburg. The company’s global positioning and broad product range reduce dependence on regional market trends, such as the recent weakness in the European automobile market.

This transaction is once again indicative of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG’s extensive experience in the automotive industry. It has invested in 13 automotive suppliers since 1990; recently, from 2003 to 2012 in Preh GmbH, and since 2013 in Formel D, a services provider to the automotive industry and its suppliers. “OECHSLER is distinguished by its outstanding innovative capacity, attractive production technologies and great customer proximity,” said Dr Rolf Scheffels, member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, commenting on today’s signing. “With our in-depth knowledge of automotive business models and global market structures and our ongoing contacts to major German car manufacturers as well as a network of industrial experts, we aim to back OECHSLER in realising the growth opportunities available to its well-established global business and in winning new customers in the German and international markets.”

Wolf M. Mang, Chairman of OECHSLER’s supervisory board and Spokesman for the family, noted that DBAG was not chosen by chance: “In the past ten years, the experience we have had with financial investors in our group of shareholders has been very positive,” he emphasised on the occasion of the change in OECHSLER’s shareholder base. “We are very pleased to have found in DBAG a highly professional investor, one who offers OECHSLER extensive automotive expertise and long-standing experience investing in family-dominated companies.”