Deutsche Beteiligungs AG – Pre-tax profit slightly positive: Recommended dividends € 0.50 per share

In financial year 2000/2001 (ended Oct. 31), Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Frankfurt am Main, was not able to sustain the excellent progress exhibited the previous five years. The pre-tax profit (result of ordinary activity) of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG for the 2000/2001 fiscal year (ended Oct. 31) totals € 5.0 million (previous year: € 43.0 million). Net income amounts to € 7.8 million (previous year: € 32.1 million). 

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG plans to pay shareholders dividends of € 0.50 per share (previous year: € 1.80). Including the tax credit payable for the last time this year, the total distribution to eligible shareholders would then amount to € 0.71 per share.

Frankfurt am Main, February 1, 2002

The Board of Management