Board of Management recommends increase in dividend and one-time surplus dividend

Announcement consistent with § 15 WpHG (German Securities Trading Act) 
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, WKN 550 810

Consolidated profit for 2005/2006 preliminary at 82.7 million euros

The Board of Management of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG today decided to recommend to the Supervisory Board a dividend increase from previously 0.33 euros per share to 0.50 euros per share. Furthermore, the Board of Management will ask the Supervisory Board to endorse its recommendation to distribute to shareholders a one-time surplus dividend of 2.50 euros per share on top of the dividend, giving a total dividend for the year of 3.00 euros per share.

The dividend recommendation to the Supervisory Board is based on the very high consolidated profit for financial year 2005/2006 (1 November to 31 October) of preliminary 82.7 million euros (thereof preliminary 19.1 million euros in the fourth quarter) and a significant cash position of approximately 164 million euros at 31 October 2006. The net asset value per share – or equity per share – increased from 14.64 euros to preliminary 19.07 euros per share in financial year 2005/2006. Taking account of the dividend plus a bonus disbursed in March 2006, the Company achieved a return on equity per share of preliminary 36.4 percent.

In the preceding 2004/2005 financial year, the consolidated profit had totalled 41.3 million euros. In addition to a dividend of 0.33 euros per share, a bonus of 0.33 euros per share, or a total of 0.66 euros per share, was paid from the profit. In 2004/2005, the return on shareholders' equity per share was 20.0 percent.

The Supervisory Board will decide in its meeting on 26 January 2007 on the approval of the annual accounts and on the dividend recommendation to shareholders at the Annual Meeting. The Annual Report is scheduled to be published on 30 January 2007.

The Board of Management
Frankfurt am Main, 21 December 2006