Deutsche Beteiligungs AG: Just under 1.80 Euros per share contribution to profits from IPO of Homag Group AG

Announcement consistent with § 15 WpHG (German Securities Trading Act)
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, WKN 550 810 / ISIN DE0005508105

With the IPO of Homag Group AG, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG has now sold 45 percent of the largest investment in its portfolio. After bookbuilding ended yesterday evening, approx. 1.7 million shares of the engineering company owned by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG were placed with the public at a price of 31.00 Euros per share. In addition, approx. 311,000 shares are available under an over-allotment provision (‘green shoe’ option), which may be exercised during the coming weeks. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG will retain another 2.4 million shares in its portfolio. The issue price of 31.00 Euros results in a contribution to profits for Deutsche Beteiligungs AG in the current third quarter of the financial year (November 01 to October 31; the third quarter ends on July 31, 2007) of approx. 26 million Euros, or approx. 1.80 Euros per share.

This contribution to profits consists of two components – the present sales proceeds and the increase in value of the remaining Homag shares. The sales proceeds and value increase derive from the difference between today’s issue price and the valuation of the shares in the interim accounts effective April 30, 2007. The calculation of the value increase presumes that the shares remaining in the Deutsche Beteiligungs AG portfolio (including those for which the green shoe option was granted) will be quoted at the current issue price, to which a 10 percent deduction must be applied due to the six-month lock-up, on the next valuation date on July 31, 2007. The costs of the IPO have also been taken into account, as were the expenses for payment of performance-based salary components in the context of the transaction.The calculation is based on the new number of 14.4 million shares which Deutsche Beteiligungs AG will hold after retirement of the shares repurchased in June.

After today’s public offering, in addition to the 15.5 percent interest in Homag Group AG held by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, funds managed by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG will hold another 15.0 percent of Homag Group AG shares (full exercise of the green shoe option presumed).

The Board of Management

Frankfurt am Main, 13 July 2007