Börsenradio interview with Susanne Zeidler

"We sense recession-like tendencies" - the opportunity for new investments

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is a financial investor with a buy-and-build strategy. CFO Susanne Zeidler is pretty calm about the impact of the corona virus on business of DBAG's investments. Q1 2019/2020 will close with a slightly negative net income of -0.2 million euros. Brexit: "We only have one of 30 investments that produce in the UK. We are feeling recession-like trends, orders are being postponed, investments in machinery and new investments are being postponed, orders are being called off later. This happens again and again in every cycle. However, we do not expect any permanent impairment of our portfolio value, not even in the automotive sector, which is undergoing a transition to electrification. We had already invested modestly in this sector in recent years."

You can listen to the full interview using the embedded player below. The interview is available in German only.