Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun benefits from the current transition in the automotive industry: for the networking of intelligent components, an increasing amount of cables is built into state-of-the-art vehicles. Likewise, the increasing electric mobility supports the company’s growth: this requires additional high-voltage networks with particular safety needs and regulations.

Two of the company's future growth factors are the increasing use of driver assistance systems and the trend toward autonomous driving. Vehicles equipped in this manner require a wide variety of sensors which are connected together with cables.

Acquisitions can also support future developments, especially when enhanced by additional engineering performance – for instance, to expand Dieter Braun's offer along the value-creation chain. This includes, for example, processes in which the finished cables are being additionally embedded in a plastic matrix so that they can fit in properly in a defined installation space.

Furthermore, efficiency improvements through continuous automation represent a key issue. The recently completed new corporate headquarters and logistics centre at Dieter Braun's registered office in Bayreuth, Germany, are set to contribute to enhanced efficiency in the company's internal processes, allowing the current team to realise higher business volume.

If the market opportunities are suitable, the regional expansion will once again come to the fore. Dieter Braun has already successfully built up an international presence in close proximity to its customers. We can encourage the company to use its gained experience for further development. Dieter Braun can tap these potentials thanks to its strong internally generated cash flow.