Customers’ expectations of the reliability and accuracy of ordering and delivery processes are constantly increasing. For businesses, schedule and route planning are a business-critical process that needs to consider manifold influencing factors and realtime data – especially when dealing with large teams of field-service staff or a sizeable fleet of delivery vehicles. This is the basis for FLS’s business.

In its software solutions, FLS relies on a proprietary heuristic algorithm which provides proposals based on empirical values in a fast way – even when not all of the information ideally required is available. What distinguishes FLS from its competitors is that it offers additional functions tailored to the needs of individual customers, seamlessly integrated in the customer's existing software environment.

Product enhancements like accounting functions or applications for mobile phones are planned for the future. By offering this wide range of solutions, FLS wants to expand mainly in the DACH region, and globally at a later stage. First steps have been taken in this respect, initiating the set-up of a partner network and strengthening existing cooperations in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

On this basis and on the basis of a highly scalable business model, FLS intends to grow rapidly. To this end, the entire corporate organisation will be professionalised; in addition, internal processes will be standardised.