More than 350 software developers, cloud architects and strategy consultants, covering of the whole value-added chain, 17 sites – including an innovation lab and two central sites for the running of cloud workflows, more than 600 successful software projects since 2005, a strong, visionary management, Catalysts revenues growing in excess of 30 per cent annually in recent years: all these are the convincing key parameters of Cloudflight.

Today, digital transformation represents one of the key tasks for companies. This is not only a view held by just a few visionary managers – nowadays this is a widely- accepted conviction, especially in the executive suites of traditional industry sectors. Digitalisation has thus reached business-critical processes: for companies to be successful in the digital economy, merely implementing a new software solution will no longer suffice. Rather, a cultural change towards agility and automation is necessary. In this field, there are significant and sustainable growth opportunities for Cloudflight, with its extensive experience as well as consulting skills and solutions.

Cloudflight’s particular strength lies in the processing of large quantities of data. This includes, for example, the optimal integration of satellite data or inspection and mesh processing of 3D point clouds – also using artificial intelligence. In this way, insurers can better assess potential damages. Another specific application is the development of a justice portal for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice, which will accompany users through all stages of legal proceedings. Existing solutions were integrated, new functionalities added and the entire suite was equipped with a uniform customer interface. Cloudflight has an extensive list of renowned clients, extended in recent years by winning global players such as Bayer, Bosch and Siemens.

Cloudflight is receptive for acquisitions. Growth potential for the expansion of the value-added chain concerns for example the ongoing operation of solutions, namely the hosting and the monitoring of digital processes. Moreover, the company intends to pursue growth opportunities in Europe, to tap additional client potential and also being able to offer its employees attractive working locations. Cloudflight is already especially innovative and successful in its recruitment: some 8,000 developers from all over Europe take part in its annual programming contest.