IT services/ software – a growing market

Germany, with a quarter of the market volume, represents the largest software market in Europe. It grows, like the market for IT services, notably stronger – and its develop­ment during difficult economic periods is more stable than in other sectors.

We focus on software companies and IT services providers offering products and services that are crucially important for their clients' success – in industries where we are especially well placed to assess business models. The market structure is advantageous for us. Besides the well-known so-called big players, there are numerous medium-sized software companies and IT service providers. They are often owner-managed, with the founder still present in the company. In recent years, we have observed more and more entrepreneurs with new business models in promising sectors looking for new shareholders. They have good products, and the market is attractive. The potential is not being exploited, due a lack of financial resources or M&A experience. We are used to this kind of situation. And clients place trust in us. It is this market we address in our focus sector IT Services/Software.