netzkontor nord wants to become one of the largest project managers for the deployment of fibre-optic networks. Two years ago, when the company shared this vision with DBAG, the deciding factor for this step was our comprehensive understanding of the sector. We support the company in implementing its buy-and-build strategy.

The management of netzkontor nord was able to realise strong growth rates and earnings increases within a short period of time. Since the company has been part of DBAG's investment portfolio, two acquisitions have been completed and another agreed. With this, netzkontor nord not only increased their human resources and regional coverage, but also broadened their strategic focus.

With the acquisition of BIB TECH, for the first time netzkontor nord now has access to large, nationwide telecommunications providers who strongly invest in the expansion of their fibre-optic networks; the result is larger project volumes and thus faster growth. Furthermore, by launching specific projects with these customers, netzkontor nord aims to gain access to nationwide projects – a milestone in the implementation of their corporate vision.

With BFE Nachrichtentechnik, the second acquired company, netzkontor nord has explored a new business segment: BFE is one of the largest German service providers for constructing and operating overground telecommunications services, also working on projects in the highly attractive and pioneering Fibre-to-the- Home segment, for both business and private customers.