Existing potential in broadband telecommunications

The demand for fast data trans­mission continues to grow. This applies both to applications in the private sector and in par­ticular to professional solutions. Germany is taking measures: between now and 2021, the federal government will provide 12 billion euros towards expan­sion of the telecommunication networks.

Growing demand for fast internet connections and – not least – the subsidies for broadband expansion offer companies with products or services in this area good conditions for growth. Apart from large network operators, medium-sized companies are involved in the broadband expansion process – especially in less den sely populated areas and with a regional focus. By providing financial resources for required investments and, in particular, their expertise, Private Equity entities can support these companies in fully exploiting their market potential. Companies in the DBAG portfolio offer fast internet connections, provide services around the expansion of fibre-optic networks, and deliver the required equipment. Thanks to our industry knowledge, we are familiar with the growth drivers of the market. Through numerous bolton acquisitions, our investments are contributing to the consolidation of this highly fragmented market and form high-performance suppliers.