Kraft & Bauer wants to strongly expand – but not only by installing new fire extinguishing systems on new machine tools or by retrofitting existing systems. It is also the services business that provides strong growth potential. To date, Kraft & Bauer only provides maintenance for 50-70 % of the relevant installed base.

By now, most of the leading international machine tool manufacturers are cus- tomers of Kraft & Bauer. This means that the company's fire extinguishing systems will be installed on these manufacturers' new product lines – so Kraft & Bauer does not have to serve end-customers directly. This success is also supported by the lasting trend towards miniaturisation: oil cooling and oil lubrication in machine tools of the high performance sector are on the rise, yet the use of oil increases fire hazard. The second important part of the Kraft & Bauer business is machine retrofitting. Demand is driven by growing machine automation as well as the companies’ sense of responsibility and security awareness. Companies also use automatic fire extinguishing systems even if not required to do so by regulation.

The sales activities of Kraft & Bauer are currently concentrated on the still-unexploited potential in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Italy. Over the medium term, especially the market development in China and the United States offers great additional opportunities as many customers of Kraft & Bauer are present there. DBAG’s widely-branched network and great expe- rience in processes of globalisation in mid-sized companies is set to support the management team within converting opportunities into sales.