duagon/MEN hold an excellent position in China, the world’s largest market for rail vehicles – a market characterised by huge investment projects as the growing prosperity in broad sections of the population goes hand in hand with the growing desire for mobility. Not only does China automate existing systems, but the country has also successfully tested autonomous high-speed trains in the last year. In this attractive environment, the group will be able to profit from several growth drivers.

New opportunities are being created for duagon/MEN – for example, by tapping unexploited customer potential: duagon has a strong presence in China and India, while MEN has successfully expanded in the US and Russia. By combining duagon's primarily softwaredriven components with MEN's rather hardware-oriented solutions, valuable synergies can be realised. Key topics are automatic security systems and innovative technology trends, such as autonomous driving. MEN's hardware systems can be equipped with additional software components from duagon. Examples include cyber security features or selected digital solutions such as automatic status monitoring of machines and systems.

The group wins orders both in connection with newly-acquired rail vehicles and with the retrofitting of older rolling stock, with the latter being modernised by customers in predictable cycles. Harnessing the distribution power of the combined group allows duagon/MEN to adopt a targeted position for such cycles in the future.

Last but not least, over the next 10 to 15 years, duagon/MEN is going to benefit from the trend towards technological development of ethernet-based solutions, especially in the field of retrofitting. Whilst ethernet-based technology is much more powerful than existing protocols – in terms of data transfer rates, bandwidth and flexibility – it is also significantly more complex. Recognising the importance of integrated communications solutions for rail vehicles, and communications between different protocols and standards, duagon has positioned itself accordingly at a very early stage – gathering substantial experience which the company can now leverage for business with other customers. duagon ensures that the systems meet rigorous regulatory requirements, remaining fail- safe and durable even in challenging conditions.