Industrial components – a heterogeneous market

Germany possesses a strong industrial basis – German companies enjoy a globally leading posi­tion in many sectors. We have rich experience through diverse invest­ments in companies which manufacture industrial components.

One of our core sectors is that of industrial component manufacturers. In the past, we invested in companies which – typically for this sector – mostly serve very small markets. Industrial components comprise a variety of different materials such as metals, plastics, electronics or innovative lightweight engineered materials as well as a broad range of products such as semi-finished or finished articles, components, modules, systems or turnkey solutions. These may be targeting highly productive mass production or small niche segments. During our decades of commitment to this sector, we have accompanied very diverse business models and approaches to develop these models. Very often, investments are entered into for expanding the geographical footprint, or for broadening the product range. The focus is also frequently on efficiency enhancements – for example, through better processes or reduced scrap.