Sero was founded in 1992 as an engineering office for electronic testing methods. Today, the company is a sought-after service provider in terms of electronic testing and production modules or systems, primarily for the automotive industry. Thus, the company operates in the highly attractive market for electronic components – a sub-market of this industry, with long-term above-average growth potential.

The proportion of electronics in motor vehicles is predicted to increase from about 35 per cent at present to around 50 per cent by 2030, driven by the trend towards higher comfort in the vehicle interior amongst other factors. This equates to a growth rate of 8 per cent a year.

In the first year since the start of our investment, Sero's management team has already triggered various change processes, including the restructuring of the sales organisation as well as the expansion of its presence at industry trade fairs. Opportunities in the international markets such as Mexico and North America are set to be exploited in the future. Company acquisitions are also conceivable. Moreover, Sero intends to further expand its business with industrial customers. A newly installed Advisory Board, comprising members from DBAG’s network, is going to contribute the experience of its experts, who not only command strong process knowledge but have already successfully supported implementation.