Opportunities in the automotive supply industry

Due to the current challen­ges in the sector, it seems somewhat bold to talk about “opportunities in the automotive supply industry”. Obviously, drive­train technology will be transformed, and mobility requirements will change. But in the future, there will be more cars on the streets – not less.

Globally, the German automotive industry is known for its quality, innovation, reliability, longevity, safety, efficiency and design. Germany’s first-class R&D infrastructure, the full integration of the value creation chain as well as the qualified workforce contribute to an environment which is competitive on an international level. These are good conditions for companies in order to develop leading-edge technologies that will meet tomorrow’s mobility requirements. The challenge now is to filter out those business models that offer considerable developmental potential independently from traditional drivetrain techn ology. We have a high-performance network in this sector. Already now, you can find suppliers in our portfolio that offer useful technical input like connectivity blocks or that may benefit from the trends towards more sophisticated interiors.